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Louisburg Criminal Law Attorney

At Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law, we focus on the following areas of our central North Carolina legal practice:

  • Personal injury — Your medical needs require immediate attention following a car accident caused by an inattentive driver or injuries suffered due to the negligence of a doctor or medical professional. We provide personalized and compassionate representation to our clients and treat each case individually. On their behalf, we pursue the best outcomes to maximize their compensations.
  • Real estate law — At Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law, we help facilitate transactions and closings, providing representation for both buyers and sellers. We attend to every detail to ensure a smooth process involving title searches, title insurance, leases, partition proceedings and even foreclosure matters.
  • Business law — From formation of LLCs and other entities to resolving disputes with customers and employees, we are committed to protecting the business interests of our clients. Establishment of a company is only the start of what will be ongoing legal needs.
  • Criminal defense — If you have been charged with felony assault, drug possession, traffic violations, drunk driving or a white collar crime, you need immediate and aggressive representation from an experienced Louisburg criminal law attorney. The impact of an arrest and conviction can last a lifetime, impacting both personal lives and professional pursuits.
  • Divorce — During times of crisis, we are at the sides of our clients, particularly those facing the end of their marriages. You need a Franklin County divorce lawyer who will provide dedicated advocacy during painful and highly emotional circumstances.
  • Estate planning — Taking proactive steps to secure decision-making power of your medical care and financial security of loved ones is vital. We facilitate the estate planning process on behalf of our clients to provide them peace of mind and prevent family disputes in the future.

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