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Louisburg Business Law Attorney

Establishing and owning a business is a lifetime goal of hardworking entrepreneurs. At Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law, we have helped residents of Louisburg and central North Carolina with business formation and ongoing legal advocacy. In disputes involving employees or competitors, our fellow business owners need representation to protect their business interests.

Franklin County Business Formation Lawyer

Attending to the legal needs of a business requires individualized representation, recognizing that each client will have unique and specific needs. As business owners, the current partners at Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law, empathize with the challenges your company faces when legal matters disrupt operations.

Since 1973, we have helped with all aspects of business formation, including LLCs, LLPs and corporations. Legal needs do not cease once an organization is operating. Ongoing legal matters arise when employees violate no-compete or non-disclosure agreements. Unfair competition impacts a business’ bottom line, especially when trade secrets are stolen.

Whether we are helping to establish a company or serving as de facto in-house legal counsel, we spend time with our clients to understand their specific needs and issues that may arise. That level of dedication and individualized legal advocacy are paramount in protecting the business interests of our clients. Their bottom lines and the future of their businesses may be at stake.

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