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The flashing lights of a police car are only the beginning of the stress and problems associated with a DUI arrest and subsequent criminal charge. The consequences of a drinking and driving conviction are severe and could lead to the loss of a driver’s license. Before fully cooperating and telling your side of the story, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law.

Franklin County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

While a common crime for first-time offenders, the penalties are severe. An immediate plea of guilty ignores not only your rights, but also the complexity of a DUI case. At Davis & Sturges, Attorneys at Law, we spend time with our clients to talk about their cases and determine strategies to move forward.

The process is twofold and includes both the criminal proceeding and administrative hearing regarding possible suspension of your driver’s license.

We give our full attention to each step that led up to and followed your arrest. We answer the questions necessary to build a strong DUI defense. Was there probable cause for the initial stop? Was the sobriety test conducted by an officer properly trained? Was the Breathalyzer calibrated and maintained? What was the chain of custody for urine and blood samples?

Far too much is at stake. Admitting to the crime does not make the problem go away. Before speaking to anyone, call a central North Carolina criminal defense lawyer at our firm.

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